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Thank You for visiting my website. The following webpages are a collection of some of my creations in different media, 2d artwork, animation, and 3d modeling of some of my comicbook style characters, as far as the 3D images go, they are mostly works in progress since im relatively new to this artform. I started working with 3d applications in 1996 on a Power Mac, mostly for background imagery for my 2D animations and a few 3d vehicles here and there. But recently in summer of 2000, I discovered 3d Studio Max when I got a decent PC. My favorite programs are Photoshop and After Effects for traditional art etc; And for 3D I use a combination of 3d Studio Max (modeling characters), Form-Z (great for detailed things like vehicles, tunnels, anything technological/man-made) , Maya 3 (great for animation plus finalizing and tweaking the polygons of my character models). Currently I'm working on my demo reel for the videogame industry. Enjoy the site.